Thursday, August 2, 2007

Some dummies

The best aspect of West Virginia newspapers is the ability to entertain the reader with quotes that make absolutely no sense. Here are a couple of examples, the first from the Charleston Gazette's opinion page:

Being one of the biggest Florida State fans in the state of West Virginia, I really enjoy reading about Bobby Bowden and the Seminoles in the Gazette. Where I don’t care at all about the West Virginia Mountaineers, it is much better than reading about the arrogant, pompous Rich Rodriguez in the paper every day.
OK, I'm following him in the first sentence. He likes Bobby. Now the second sentence gets a little hairy. "Where I don't care at all about" sounds like something Wolf would put in the comments at 5 in the morning. Is that a southern WV colloquialism for anything in English? At face value it would seem to indicate that there is a geographic place at which this person doesn't care for WVU and, if we take the second part of the sentence, that place is better than reading about Rodriguez everyday. My only guess is Biscuit World.

In other stupid news the Gazette's Marshall writing monkey Doug Smock wanted to talk up some of the Marshall players including left tackle John Inman. Inman will be taking on the best pass rushers on opposing teams, including Calais Campbell. Campbell is a pre-season All-American at Miami. How is Inman getting ready?

“I’ve been reading a bunch of film on the guy,” said Inman, a 6-foot-5, 302-pound senior from Knoxville, Tenn. “He’s a great defensive lineman, what can I say? He’s a total player — he’s big, fast, strong, plays the run as well as the pass. I’ve got to get in there this summer and get the best work I can out of [Albert] McClellan.”
And they say that kids today don't read enough. Just start counting films and I've probably read like 10 books this week. I might even "read" one of those Harry Potter films eventually.

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