Monday, August 6, 2007

Dan Mozes goes down

Rimington Award winner and free agent pick-up by the NY Jets Dan Mozes had his rookie year end in his first scrimmage on Friday. Mozes tore his ACL and will undergo season ending surgery in three weeks.

In other former Mountaineer news Rasheed Marshall made little impact in the first Steelers preseason game. He did have a ball launched over his head on a crossing route. Meanwhile, Mike Lorrello continues to try to make the squad on defense/special teams as well, but with no states from yesterday.

Other former Mountaineer news now includes Devan Bawinkel. The guard has left the basketball team to transfer. Bawinkle was listed at 6 foot 5 inches and a generous 185 pounds and may have had trouble acclimating to the physical style of basketball Huggins prefers.

Bawinkel was not lightly recruited. And, now, he's being recruited again. Eastern Michigan, Richmond, Illinois-Chicago and Eastern Kentucky -- coached by former Beilein assistant Jeff Neubauer -- are possible Division I destinations, as is Highland (Kan.) Junior College.

It is likely Bawinkle will take a hard look at Neubauer as he is familar with the style of play and Neubauer plays a less weight room oriented system. Which is good for Devan as he has yet to be able to ask anyone if they want two tickets to the gun show.

In other former Mountaineer basketball news it appears as though Kevin Pittsnogle has taken his tatoos to France. KP signed with the Cholet team in France. I just he doesn't order an expensive meal and find a plate with a bunch of snails on it. Don't even look at it.

The latest news on Mike Gansey is here and here. It appears as though he still has an UPHILL BATTLE to make the NBA.

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