Monday, August 20, 2007

WVU ranked #1 in most recent poll.

Well, the reviews are out and while our beloved law school may continue to slip in the rankings and the B-school average starting salary may be a 1/3 of its competitors, WVU does do two things well. According to the most recent Princeton review, WVU ranks #1 in Party schools and, relatedly, #1 where students rarely study.

I attended WVU for three years and I've got to admit, I really don't know where the Princeton Review got their data. I (and the other two Bastards) spent every evening locked in the library earnestly studying to become future positive contributors to society. Not once did we ever lock ourselves in Mutts until 6 a.m. or chug 8 red bull and vodka's at the Back Door within 60 minutes prior to driving home to two very pissed off significant others. And Free Golden Tee at Mulligans McClafferty's? Nope, never heard of it. We also made it a point to attend every class stone sober and prepared, especially when the review committee was there. No drunken wrestling in Constitutional Law - that's unheard of! Once though, we heard a rumor of some debauchery at Bent Willy's, but the name of that place is so atrocious, we decided against going. 'Tis a silly place anyway.

WVU was also honored as (Registration required):

#5 best college library - Obviously for the scenery on the sidewalk in front of the library.

#8 best student newspaper - I wouldn't know. I never read it during class.

#4 students pack the stadim - Now, if we could just get those kiddies to stick around until the fourth quarter.

#6 lots of beers - See above.

#7 lots of hard liquor - No Jack Daniels anywhere in Morgantown. Write that down.

and #11 Reefer Madness - whatever the hell that is.

As a footnote to the reviews, MSN included the following:

Students who considered West Virginia University also looked at Penn State-University Park, University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus, and Virginia Tech [but were fearful of having their brains eaten, fearful of the 1970's and fearful of strange red growths from people's necks, respectively].
Unfortuately for the students, I think the forecast for 2" diameter hail will move most of tonight's anticipated debauchery indoors.


letsplaytummysticks said...

I've never been to Mulligans. It sounds great though. There is a place called McClafferty's that has free Golden Tee, pool, and darts. Maybe they are near each other.

Option Spread said...

Uh, yeah... McClafferty's. What the hell is "Mulligans" and where the hell did I get that one from?

chutta said...

Possibly you got that from a combination of Sullivan's, McLafferty's, love of Gaffigan, cheating at golf, and too much glue sniffing.