Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wandling Hands

Wandling hands are hands so soft that words like velvety or buttery sound harsh in comparison. They are made of angel tears. Wandling hands are often found on a princess that has never had to work and spent years keeping her hands moisturized with different lotions. However, they can be found on men as well. But I don't think Owen Schmitt is one of them despite Rich Rodriguez telling Mickey Furfari:

“The thing I like about Owen is that he understands the physical nature of being the lead blocker. And, at the same time, he’s also got some running back skills. He also has some natural skills as far as being able to cut, and he’s got soft hands. He loves football and has the passion to play on a high level."

Schmitt will work as a fullback, tailback, tight end, and also know as a slot receiver. The best guess as to his routes as a slot receiver is a fly pattern because Owen doesn't run some sort of nancy ass curl. Owen may also play tuba in the band just because he can.

And he'd probably do it well since he seems to be good at everything else. Schmitt was named to's preseason All-American team as a fullback. Owen is petitioning ESPN to also be named at tailback, tight-end, slot receiver, and organ grinder (grinder of actual organs not the guy with the monkey).

There are other running backs at WVU as well. One of them is a guy named Steve Slaton. You may not have heard of him, but Sports Illustrated has. Steve is on the cover for the second straight year. Sports Illustrated has decided to put out regional covers for their preseason issue again this season and WVU/Slaton have been on the cover both years. The other teams to make the cover were Arkansas, USC, Michigan, and Oklahoma. So if your team isn't blue and gold or primarily red you were screwed. Sorry Oregon.

Finally, there are some freshmen running backs that may get some run this year. Both Jock Sanders and Noel Devine have impressed the coaches thus far with their names and abilities. Another freshman name that keeps popping up in conferences is Brandon Hogan. Look for those three to see some action this year on offense or kick returns. Hopefully they all have soft, but not wandling, hands.

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