Monday, August 27, 2007

Round of Reubens

High school football kicked off in a few states last week with many more starting this weekend. has a list of the current WVU commits and how they fared in their opening game. Of note, Jahleel Addae (brother of former WVU wrecking ball to himself and others Jahmile) had only 9 carries, but 151 yards and two touchdowns on his first two touches in only one half of duty as his team won by 47. There is no report on his defense so I don't know if he torpedoed himself through the air for a flying shoulder block and then had to be helped off the field only to come back a play later. Maybe it runs in the family.

In way too early news, Rivals is counting down the top 64 basketball teams in the country and WVU checks in at 49. And speaking of basketball, WVU will play Auburn in the Pizza Hut Big East/SEC Invitational in Birmingham next season on December 3rd. The Invitational is an answer to the Big 10/ACC Challenge and the always entertaining Mid-American, Mid Continent, Mid-Eastern Athletic conferences trifecta challenge for who is most Mid.

The Charleston Gazette has the WVU two deep for opening week. The biggest news on the list is that some guy named Slaton is going to start at running back and Patrick White is going to be the qb. I hope they aren't horrible. True Freshmen Hogan, Sanders, Devine, and Will Johnson have all made the two deep at WR. Interestingly, both Sowers and Lyons did not. The guess here is that the camp injuries have put them behind and they will be playing catch-up all season long. Speaking of receivers, the Gazette also has a good article about the run v. pass statistics for WVU. WVU ran the ball 2.5 times more than they passed last year.

“You’ve got to have options. Everybody says we’re one dimensional, but we’re really not,’’ Rodriguez said. “When you have two guys who rush for a thousand yards [Slaton and White last year], you’re at least two-dimensional. When you’ve got a fullback [Schmitt, who filled in for Slaton and gained 109 yards in last year’s Gator Bowl], you’re at least three-dimensional. And I think Darius Reynaud is one of the most explosive players in our league, as well.’’

If you count everyone on the field WVU could be 11-dimensional this year.

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