Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Game Week--Bronco notes

WMU is not shy about their desire to win this Saturday.

"Like coach (Bill) Cubit said, we've got to do something to shock the world this year,'' sophomore cornerback E.J. Biggers added. That Biggers and Co. are publicly following their coach's expectations on this is a bit surprising. Coaches often pump their teams full of bravado, but rarely do they let their programs take that swagger to the media -- unless, of course, they, too, have hopes of pulling off something unexpected. Or, as Cubit said, taking their best shot at doing so.
And it's not only WVU they want a piece of.
``I'll play the first-ranked team, second-ranked team, third-ranked team in the nation the first three games of the season,'' Simmons said. ``I wouldn't want it any other way. Because I know this team ... we deserve it, we deserve it. We deserve to be able to get out here on the national scene and show everybody what we have.''
After that Simmons exclaimed that he wanted to play the Indianapolis Colts, the the NFC Pro-Bowl Team, then a team made up entirely of Aliens and Predators. The Aliens would be on defense of course because they have little dexterity for a passing game.

WMU has named sophomore Tim Hiller to start the season instead of senior Thomas Peregrin. Hiller, best known before this as a guy that was lucky that first "l" wasn't a "t", was a redshirt last season. He did play in 7 games in 2005 and started in 5 of those. He completed 65% of his passes for 1,334 yards and 20 touchdowns.

The line on this game is currently 23 according to this guy who has WMU covering. Winning by more than three touchdowns versus a team that should be in a bowl is a tough cover. Maybe we can get Pinhead to block a punt.

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