Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Check this clip out... Nice.


This is a 15 second commercial for Sprint. One I am yet to see televised, but hope to very soon. It was graciously provided to me by my good friend Senor Bundy. Muchas Gracias... Enjoy.


DownTownMoneyWaster said...

I remember one time I was in a WVU commercial. I had the only spoken line in what turned into a nationally televised commercial. Its hard to believe that my 15 seconds of fame blossomed in a burgeoning adult film career with over 51 titles and 3 AVN Awards, including Best Money Shot for 2006 in The Da Vinci Load and Director of The Year for the epic, and aptly titled, gangbang - 300.

CouchBurnin'Girl said...

Sorry to ruin your fun (or to be a jackass if I didn't pick up on the sarcasm) but I think that was a Super Bowl commercial 2 years ago. I remember watching it and saying to my Syracuse-alum-roommate that I wish the couch burning song was the WVU fight song. 3 weeks later, my wish was in my inbox.

Option Spread said...

Yeah, I've seen that vid around for a couple of months now. But you have to excuse BSR, time moves slower in the basements of court houses.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Yeah... despite being late on the clip there... I am encouraged to see that girls read our humble site.

That said- downtownmoneywaster- whom you may recall seeing on our blog after having pissed himself on St. Patty's... claimed to have seen iton the tele recently in DC.

I might be late on the clip- but if what you say is true he is an idiot. As if there were ever doubt.