Thursday, September 27, 2007

Here Comes Johnny

I welcome Johnny to our humble site. Not so much with open arms... I am not quite ready to hug it out. I like the idea of adding to the Bastard family. I do approve of the things I have read from our newest addition, and especially like Pink Floyd references. They make me so happy. Johnny may well change his mind once he meets up with our little tribunal. Especially once he meets OS. Not kidding at all. Definitely if they happen to meet at a golf outing and share a cart. Once McGoo drives him over a cliff and through a pond on the first hole only to get angrily silent for the last seventeen- Johnny may well decide to reopen his solo affair. I hope he gives us enough time to get through the First Annual Bastard Sons of Pinfall Marks Cheap-ass Tailgate 2007. We could certainly use another guy to chip in on the goodies. I have personally pledged a case of Natty Light. LPTS is in for some cheap plastic bottle o' booze- or is it vice versa? Anyway- maybe Johnny will sponsor a 40 oz. or something.

I am a Bud Heavy guy myself, but do approve of Coors Original. Coors light is awful. Cheers.

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