Friday, September 28, 2007

Halftime Thoughts WVU-USF

-If I never hear Chris Spielman's voice again, it will be too soon. Chris, shut the fuck up! I have finally found someone that I hate to hear more than Mark May.

-Mike Dent, you have one job from hear on out. Ball to the quarterback in the air between the numbers and block if you can.

-As bad as White has played in the first half, I say stay with Brown. If all else fails, get Mr. Pink in there.

-I-formation seems to work like gangbusters. So naturally we don't run it again.

-USF offense nonexistent. Just don't turn the ball over and everything will be fine.

-My balls are itching so I need to step away. Trust me, it's a good sign, like Eric Estrada's character, Chili Bean, in the movie Midway.

-Oh yeah, FUCK YOU Chris Spielman!

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