Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Round of Reubens

JT Thomas and Ellis Lankster were each granted continuances for their felony preliminary hearings yesterday. The postponement in the legal process likely means that JT and Ellis have little chance of getting back on the field this year.

That process was prolonged today, when their lawyers telephoned the magistrate's court to seek a postponement. The hearings will be rescheduled later, though the court's busy schedule means that they couldn't receive a new hearing until Sept. 24 at the earliest and that the postponement could take as long as another month.

Speaking of the defense, it appears as though the short week is coming at a bad time for Keilen Dykes according to msn as Kykes has sprained his foot and is currently day to day.
Keilen actually went into the game with a little bit of a foot sprain and he played through the first half with it but I think it got worse for him,” Rodriguez said. “We X-rayed it and it’s not broke. He needs to get some treatment on it and we’ll see how it holds up.

The loss of Dykes would leave the Mountaineers with Johnny Dingle, RS Freshman Scooter Berry, 235 pound Thor Merrow, and Doug Slavonic as the only D-linemen with real experience against the Terps run game.

The football Mountaineers are currently sitting at number 4 in both polls after the weekend. Oklahoma has moved past WVU in the AP while Florida is ahead of the Mountaineers in the coaches poll. Although the coaches poll has Auburn receiving more votes than South Florida and has Miami still receiving votes after their performance against Oklahoma. In order to impress the voters the Mountaineers need to be more consistent on offense, including not abandoning the run for the pass in the first half, start covering punts and kick returns or kick everything out of bounds, and probably blow up the defense.

If anyone watched Oregon run the same basic sets as WVU they probably started weeping. Oregon was able to stretch Michigan horizontally AND vertically by running inside and out and throwing the ball short, intermediate, and long. In addition, Oregon seemed to have a playbook about 1,000 pages longer than that of WVU as the Ducks would use every play to set up a counter on the next play. Oregon even ran a fake statue of liberty after running a statue of liberty. WVU ran a screen pass and then another screen pass. I keep hearing about all the plays WVU has and saves, but why practice and then not use these plays ever? And finally, if anyone has faith in the 3-3-5 please defend it in the comments. The Mountaineers haven't been able to blitz out of this defense since Lorello left two years ago. If linebacker position is so deep then why not switch to a 3-4? I'm not sure I can take to many more games of making average quarterbacks look like all-Americans.

Finally, in futbol news both WVU teams are playing well. The men are ranked number 15 in the latest poll and dropped Duquesne 1-0 yesterday in the home opener to improve to 3-1 on the season with a game versus number 2 Duke on Saturday. the 18th ranked women beat number 15 Penn State over the weekend to improve to 3-1 as well. The women will play the number 2 ranked Texas A&M Aggies on Friday in College Station. The best part of a soccer game is that the crowds are small enough for individual taunting. A quick story related to me from my Australian friend about the taunting. WVU beat MD 1-0 last week. During the game the MD crowd was taunting a New Zealander on WVU's team. The taunt was basically, "Hey Cunningham you sheep-fucker, I'm going to name my first born after you and then beat the shit out of him everyday." This caused Cunningham to laugh, then break out into a song.

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KaptianJudy said...

The 3-3-5 is a joke. While playing NCAA '08, I routinely switch the d to a 3-4. This works wonders in the world of electronic gaming. Maybe someone should send Rodriguez a PS2/3, NCAA '08, and a manual on how to change the defense...