Thursday, September 27, 2007

More Site News

I would also like to welcome Johnny to our humble little blog.

In conjunction with his arrival, we are making some site changes such as including the blog poll stuff. So I'll be making some layout changes over the course of the day. Consequently, we may experience some occasional technical difficulties, but just check back in a few minutes if the site ends up all garbled.


Brave Sir Robin said...

We may want to consider making the blog page a little longer. It should take more time to scroll from the top to the bottom. I think we should add more stuff around the perimeter as well. Maybe a few poppy ups, or some really annoying theme music. Techno perhaps.

Johnny forgot our favorite Aussie's favorite use of the word "fuck", Nothing- Fuck all.

letsplaytummysticks said...

You don't know me, you just saw my penis.

Brave Sir Robin said...

I didn't see where it started, but I saw where it ended.

Brave Sir Robin said...

More fun to be a follower... but you make more money as the leader.