Sunday, September 9, 2007

Friends of Coal Bowl Weekend

One of we bastards was in attendance Saturday as the Mounties showed up in the second half to give it to the Thundering Herd. More pics and stories will come this week as they are processed and polished. For now, I offer this pic of Bastards faithful Kaptian Judy with Mountaineer legend Don Nehlen as we attended the Friends of Coal banquet Friday night at the Pullman Plaza. Other notable attendees included President Garrison, Bob Pruett, BSR, Marshall's President (I forget his name and don't care to look it up.) and the Big D with Carebear in tow. Not pictured here is the K-dogg.

"Now sometimes you want to mix it up. Maybe go off left tackle on 2nd and 9- then off the right on 3rd and 7. You always want to keep them guessing." - What I am sure Nehlen is saying here.

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