Monday, September 24, 2007

Rock bottom--Louisville

After 4 weeks of play Rutgers, WVU, USF, and Cincy are all getting top 25 votes wiht Cincy being the upstart this year with a chance to prove themselves in two weeks at Rutgers. UConn is 4-0 and could conceivably get to 7-0 and go bowling this year (next three games for the Huskies are Akron, Virginia, and Louisville which may have given up football by then). However, the real story of the conference right now is the utter collapse at the bottom. The sharks are circling Kragthorpe, Robinson, and Wannstedt as these programs are taking on water at an alarming rate. Syracuse is unfortunately nothing new and as such not worth wasting time on. But the other two deserve further inspection. First up, Louisville.

Louisville is racing with Notre Dame and Michigan to see who can punch themselves in the junk harder. With Michigan righting the ship due to Big10 conference smashmouth football which they can handle it only leaves the Cards and the Irish throwing punches and both are going to need to ice their balls soon. I would like to extend a hardy "Fuck You" to Louisville as they have completely ruined my season. I have season tickets on the 50 and had two extras for the game which I wisely held off on selling so that I could get my season cost back in one game. Similar tickets went for around $600 apiece a few weeks ago, but I held out to get more value as game time approached. Those tickets now are gong for roughly $5.50 if you throw in a hotdog at the game. So Louisville I hope you all get herpes. I'm not the only one pissed, others for non-monetary reasons such as the Card Chronical.

I can't spin this anymore, this is every bit as awful as it looks and as it feels. I'm generally a pretty positive person, but there's absolutely nothing I can pull out of my ass right now to make any of us feel better. I'm still going to watch every week and cheer like hell for our guys, but it sure seems to me like we're witnessing ten years of awe-inspiring hard work being ripped apart block-by-block.

Even if this team does improve, beats USF, WVU or Rutgers, goes to the bowl and humiliates the runner-up from the MAC, are we supposed to be excited about 2008? This was supposed to be the season, and one month in it's already an abomination.
And this from the Courier-Journal:

Mario Urrutia continues a downward spiral that can only be categorized as self-inflicted. Not only did he fumble the ball after getting hit, but he dropped a pass on second-and-thirteen with enough open acreage in front of him to run for another ten or fifteen yards. Aside from these two frustrating occurrences (a point Mario himself promised to address), Mario continued his audition for Snoop Dogg's latest video by toting up two more personal fouls -- the first a classless flip of the ball on the fallen defender after getting deep into Syracuse territory; the second a thuggish attempt to pop the defender's head like a Pez with a stiff-arm to the face mask. The second battery resulted in Kragthorpe yanking Mario from the game. (You could read his lips, "Get him out of there.") On the bench he probably would have remained were it not for the fearful injury to Harry Douglas. (No word yet from the athletics department; not a good sign.) Add to that Patrick Carter's senseless Pearl Harboring of a defender near the Syracuse goal line nearly took the Cards out of scoring contention. Like school in summertime: no class.

National title expectations. A defense that can't make an important stop. A defense that can't tackle and also picks up stupid personal fouls. A receiver that has become a headache and maybe thinks he's a little better than he is. A quarterback admirably fighting through a lost senior year. Welcome to WVU football 2004 Louisville fans.


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Good post.

Rock bottom- you spelling Louisville. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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