Friday, September 28, 2007

MLB Predictions Revisited- AL

Predictions /Results

1. Yankees 1. Red Sox (2)
2. Blue Jays 2. Yankees 2 gb
3. Red Sox 3. Blue Jays
4. Devil Rays 4. Orioles
5. Orioles 5. Devil Rays


1. Tigers 1. Indians
2. Twins 2. Tigers
3. Indians 3. Twins
4. White Sox 4. White Sox
5. Royals 5. Royals

1. Angels 1. Angels
2. A's 2. Mariners
3. Rangers 3. A's
4. Mariners 4. Rangers

Trusting that you need no explanation of how the above chart works- I will dive right in and keep it brief. There is a football game tonight to write about.

I had the Yanks taking the East (which still is a possibility- two games back in the division with a wild-card clinched) and had the Red Sox third. That may have been due to personal bias. I would like to have seen the Jays put something together- at least more than Boston.

The Central I had given to the Tigers- and they probably should have won it. The Tribe got hot, stayed hot, and Sabathia pitched wonderfully all year. If you will notice, excepting the boost in the standings by Cleveland, the rest of the division wrapped up in just the order I predicted.

I called the Angels to win the West, and they did. The Mariners played a lot better than I expected them to- keeping it close much of the season. They fell like a lead balloon a couple weeks back. Good job to them, and lets hope they don’t sign Barry. Lets secretly hope no team signs Barry. Yeah, fuck you Barry.

Overall I have two teams solidly picked that made the post season from the AL. The Yanks, who haven't won the division yet- I stress YET and cross my fingers. Also the Angels, who everyone should have picked from February to take the West. The race is close for the best record in the AL. Four team race- Yanks two games off the the tie between Cleveland and Boston. I love October. Look for the NL prediction wrap up early next week.

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