Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Mountaineer Reading.

that is a dumb name for a WVU sports blog but I won't say anything about it- I prefer to keep quiet and just smile whenever I hear it or see it in text. Snackers

FYI- Two regular readers of Bastard Sons of Pinfall Marks have collaborated to form a new blog dedicated primarily to our glorious Mountaineers. Thus far they are dedicated solely to WVU football. Who isn't? (BSR until after the World Series) They call themselves The Unmistakeable Power of Fission (I have no idea) and have been up for a little over a week now. I promised to introduce them when they got a few posts deep- and so I am. Read them here:

Many of you may recall the fledgling stages of this glorious site. When the three of us made fun of each other with no readers and no cash cow advertising. Well, nothing has changed I guess. We do have some ads- but you assholes won't buy big tickets through OUR stub hub link. We aren't permitted to sit and click the ads ourselves. We still make fun of each other, only now three or four of you are reading it. In time I hope that the Fission guys develop their site into all the wonderment of our own. We DO have a BSPM tailgate coming up. Vladimir and Natty Light on us- come one come all.

Also, be looking forward to my MLB prediction review. Who picked the Brewers when nobody else would? BSR. Where are the Yanks now? A game and half behind the BoSox ready to overtake them the last week of the season. Who loves baseball more than BSR? Nobody- especially since football season is here. I understand this- its okay. WVU football is worth missing a game for. Please leave disparaging comments on the Fission site. I do.


Option Spread said...

Um, they could maybe just post on here. Those posts seemed pretty coherently written, so I wouldn't have a problem with it. And I figure increasing the volume of content hereon couldn't hurt. I'll talk to tummysticks about it.

Option Spread said...

Oh, I wouldn't mind getting Johnny to join forces with us either, but he may have too much of his own thing going on already.

KaptainJudy said...

Whammy! I love positive attention, big booty girls, and honey flavored mustard.