Sunday, September 23, 2007

East Carolina 7, Mountaineers 48

Not gonna lie- that was a fun game to watch. The Mounties damn near threw a shutout. PW was 18-20 with 2 TDs and 181 yds. Super Steve rushed for 110 yds on 18 carries and put one in the endzone. Brown ran for more than eighty, and Reynaud caught two TDs while having over 50 yds on the ground and in the air. Fun was had by all in attendance, assuming they weren't wearing purple. Below find a couple views of the action from a Bastards perspective.

The gentleman pictured here sporting his pirate disguise is classic. He tends to pick out one of the opposing players along hte sideline and ride his ass the entire game. On Saturday lucky winner was #98, Khalif Mitchell, a junior DL. I was just a little late getting to my seat so maybe tummysticks can tell us why he was chosen. Once he injured his ankle and had to sit within ear shot, things went from bad to worse for Mitchell. I informed him that if he were to transfer to WVU he could both win games and not wear purple pants. He took so much hazing during the course of the second half I began to fell for him. So the Bastards sent him a lemonade ice. Worried he may get in trouble for accepting gifts and risk NCAA suspension, he hid his delicious treat in a towl. Everyone else on the sideling thought he was just drinking that towel. See our newest friend in purple below.

There was also a wicked awesome Weedhawks show as part of the post game tailgaiting. They played from fourish to tenish. My recollection of anything after nine or so is spatchy at best.


letsplaytummysticks said...

Mitchell stretched on the sideline in a mix between yoga and the karatee kid which is what made him an initial target. He also took the heckling well which endeared him to the fans and by the time he was injured more people were rooting for him than against him. MITCHELL!!!!!

KaptainJudy said...

Spell check anyone?