Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Round of Reubens

Some observations and statistics from the Western Michigan game. The Broncos were not much of a running horse as they were held to 32 yards on the ground on 32 carries. WMU was able to pass for 245 yards, but also threw 2 interceptions and were sacked 3 times in the game. Jamarko Simmons had a big game for WMU with 144 yards and 2 TDs on 14 catches so WVU is going to have to find a DB that can become a shutdown guy for them. He wasn't the only Bronco that had a big day. C.J. Wilson was able to get himself some White/Slaton autographs. He was the safety that kept jumping on the pile with a a Sharpie and picture book.

WVU had 542 yards of total offense and averaged 8.1 yards per play. The Mountaineers only punted once, a booming 6 yarder by Pat who also missed on extra point. McAfee did manage to cause two touchbacks even with the kickoffs coming from further back. Steve Slaton may have a better pro career and may get more Heisman hype, but Pat White continues to be the best player on the field every game. I will continue to point this out for those people I know that were stupid enough to think that Adam Bednarik was the better quarterback a few years ago (I am looking in the general direction of OS and a certain friend getting ready to have a little Owen of his own). White ran for 98 yards most of which came after a normal running back would have been tackled much less a quarterback. He also threw for 192 yards and would have had more had Jalloh's facemask held on, Schmidt held on, Reynaud not fumbled, etc. In fact, White only threw one bad pass on the day. Devine and Sanders both look like they could fit on your pocket, especially compared to Jarrett Brown. But, all three can move and by the end of the year that backfield will be better than half of the backfields in college football if it isn't already.

In other WVU football news the magistrate refused to dismiss the charges against Quinton Andrews meaning he will have pretrail starting on September 25th. Andrews was charged with obstructing justice when he attempted to enter the scene of a jason Gwaltney traffic stop and then refused to provide identification promptly and not so politely requested the officer not enter his home. For his part the arresting officer threatened to mace and/or taser Andrews and forced his way into the home of Andrews. Mind you Andrews had done nothing illegal up until then. Maybe Andrew needs the help of a Constitutional Law specialist. There is one at WVU and he has decided to run for the Supreme Court of West Virginia. Should he get elected, I'm positive that opinions he would write would be the most entertaining/sarcastic opinions in the history of the state.

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