Monday, September 24, 2007

He's at it again

Jon Wilner, AP voter and man about town for the San Jose Mercury News is at it again this week. You can find his votes here, but I'll give you some of the highlights. South Carolina, off a loss to LSU, stays at number 4. Georgia, losers at home to South Carolina a week ago, moves up to 7 after beating a highly suspect Alabama team in overtime. That Alabama team? Number 11. WVU is 14th, Rutgers is 24th, Ohio State is 13th and Tenessee with victories over Southern Miss and Arkansas State and blowout losses to Califormia and Florida is number 25. At least he took Appy State out this week since they lost to Wofford. 7 of the first 8 are either SEC or Pac10 and it's clear from his article, which is here, that he only watches SEC games as every win is a good win and every loss a good loss within the conference. I could go on but I'll let WSUSpartan from the comments take over:

1) Jon maybe one of the worst voters in the AP this year, and these are the reasons why

a) Florida and Cal have a common opponent, and since Florida beat them by more than Cal did, Florida is ahead of Cal. Yet Missouri and Florida have a common opponent at a common location, but Florida is ranked higher because… apparently Florida STate, Troy, Florida Atlantic and Western Kentucky (all at home) is better than Mississippi, Illinois, Western Michigan and Illinois State. (with the first two away from home)

b) South Carolina is still ranked high because they didn’t get blown out by too much AND because Georgia beat Alabama who beat Arkansas who beat…. Troy.

lets not forget that Arkansas still has to play noted nat’l powerhouses Chattanooga, Florida International, and North Texas.

c)Oh right, Arkansas is still a quality opponent *gag* despite being 1-2

d) West Virginia is over rated because they’ve played nobodies. Apparently home games against Troy and Western Kentucky are worth more than away games against Maryland and Marshall.

e)Ohio State and BC also deserve to be ranked lower than South CArolina and Georgia because beating the likes of @ Washington and @ Georgia Tech and Wake Forest is easier than beating the likes of Oklahoma State, Louisiana Lafayette and South Carolina State.

f) failing to schedule a nontraditional out of conference road game is a sign of strength, while travelling to non traditional road games and returning favors deserves criticism.

g) getting blown out on the road twice is worth more than blowing out teams while on the road.

h) squeaking out wins against bad teams is worth more than blowing out bad teams.

i) in conference Road win in the SEC = amazing.
out of conference Road win in the SEC = meh.

j) A 13 point win on the road against is worth less than a 2 point win at home vs. that same team

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