Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Coach Rod's Tuesday afternoon press conference

It was pretty lame. The biggest news coming out of the press conference was that Jarrett Brown sweats worse than BSR on a whiskey night. And for those of you who don't know, the amount BSR sweats on a given night at the bars could water a good sized farm for a year.

Rodriguez also noted he is hoping he can get by without playing Gadowski or Barclay all season so that he can redshirt them.

RR also said Marshall isn't a rival because they suck we haven't played frequently enough.

Its over at metronews if you want to waste 30 minutes of your life and crash your web browser like I did.


Brave Sir Robin said...

I am a sweater.

DownTownMoneyWaster said...

I am a turtleneck.

Anonymous said...

No, no... not turtleneck. You sir, are a chickenhead.

letsplaytummysticks said...

No, you are the new chad.