Thursday, September 13, 2007

Not so Merry-Land

Tummystix and OS are in College Park calling yours truly with updates. For the pregame post the bastards would like to report the following. The MD student section is clad in black shirts and referring to it as a "black out". We Bastards find that to be decidedly racist. They have also chosen to show their sportsmanship by chanting "Fuck you Slaton" throughout warmups.

On the lighter side of things... OS has botched several good kodak moments. One by refusing to stop eating a sausage while two feet away from the Flutie. And another good Erin Andrews pic because he is generally boner-ass in most respects. I only hope he is wearing his Wes Ours edition bright white sneaks and a tiny hat from Sheetz.

More news to follow as I hear it. For now I will retire to ESPN, and say Lets Go Mountaineers!

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