Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Site News

One of the first WVU related sites I would regularly read was the Mountainlair which was well written and used the word "fuck" a lot. In the writer's Blogger profile he listed Gates of Fire as his favorite book and it's the only book I've ever finished that didn't have pictures or a Hardy Boy within. So when OS asked me the other day if I minded if Johnny, the one man gang at the Mountainlair (site not place), joined our gang of misfit toys I of course immediately said "Am I being replaced?" When OS informed me that in fact I couldn't be replaced because he needs me to get good seats for football games I was on board. The additional writer means more for you to read, some of which may even exclude inside jokes about white shoes, the gasiness of OS, or other OS related humor. At least until Johnny gets a chance to meet him. Then all bets are off. The only downside is the obvious pseudonym of "Johnny." As many of you know my real name is Francis letsplaytummysticks (it's Scandanvian), Brave Sir Robin is an old family name from Robin's traveling gypsy family and Option Spread is such a common Appalachian name I grew up with three Option Spreads in my neighborhood alone. So to this "Johnny" I say hello and welcome to the group.

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