Friday, September 28, 2007

It keeps getting worse for the Cards

In further proof that God is a spiteful god with a mean sense of humor, things have gotten worse for the Cards.

Sure, their season is going down the drain. We all know that. But now, former blue chip 3 star linebacker and career criminal Willie Williams has been dismissed from the team (ht: EDSBS). We briefly chronicled Willie during recruiting season. Williams had contributed 5 solo tackles, 4 ast. tackles, and 1 solo for loss, which is enough for 10th on the team this season.

And the Card Chronicle, who's having a rough time this year, reports that "Louisville lost a pair of top basketball recruits late Wednesday evening as Olek Czyz committed to Duke and Eloy Vargas announced that he's taking his game to Florida."

I guess at a certain point, you have to start feeling bad for them. Fortunately, we're not yet to that point.

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