Friday, September 14, 2007

Weekend Watching

Hopefully OS will get his pictures up this weekend as he actually did get some good ones when he finally put his sausage down. A few notes from the game. Maryland's pregame is way more wine and cheese than WVU. Maryland treated the game like a minor league baseball game with trivia contests and little prize games etc. at every break. All that was missing was the Weiner races. Erin Andrew's assistant is as good looking, if not more (a debate that lasted the entire game between myself and OS), than EA. Fridge called a strange game as Maryland had success with the stretch run play and then abandoned it for 2 quarters. The defense looked as good as it has in 2 years with big hits, good coverage, and some pressure on the quarterback, we were especially impressed with Wicks, Ivy, and the d-line. After the third carry by Devine everyone in our section turned to us and asked us who he was. Talking to Maryland fans makes me happy to be a WVU fan, when I asked who their big football rival was they said the ACC doesn't really have football rivalries and that they didn't really like VT (who does?) but they had only played them 3 times. Finally, I'd like to put on record the hogginess of OS. He spent the entire day spewing strange smells and then managed to smash an entire bag of Doritos into my floor board and somehow managed to mix that with leaves. It was like taking a road trip with Pigpen. On to the games:

Tennessee at Florida--Florida is ranked number 5 after wins against Western Kentucky and Troy. Florida is led by Tim Tebow with 536 yeards passing and 131 yards rushing (9 total tds). This week marks a step up in competition, at least for Florida's defense. Tennessee checks in at 1-1 after a loss to California and a win over Southern Miss. In the loss to Cal the Vols gave up 45 points and 471 yards. Southern Miss hung with the Vols for a half before getting the doors blown off in the second. Ainge has thrown for 547 yards and 5 tds already this year and will need a big game to keep pace with the Gators should the D struggle again. Make sure to check with LWS (Vols) or EDSBS (Gators) if you are a fan of either team or just want a laugh at the other team's expense.

Ohio State v. Washington--America gets to meet Huskie QB Jake Locker as does the number 1 total defense in the nation. Ohio State is giving up 122.5 yards per game and 4 points per game. Locker has accounted for about 500 total yards for the Huskies in wins over the Cuse and Boise State. Win or lose Washington has played one of the most challenging non-conference schedules in the nation and are rewarded with UCLA and USC to open Pac-10 play. The Buckeyes will rely on Chris Wells on the ground and receiver Brian Robiskie through the air. Ohio State will also rely on the choke you out slowly (sorry Jim Sorgi) and punch you in the face (sorry Charlie Bauman) style of play that has won so many games for the Buckeyes over the years. Expect a low scoring slugfest (sorry Albert).

Notre Dame v. Michigan--Hey kids it's the 119th ranked offense in the country averaging -4 yards per game rushing versus the 108th ranked defense in the country giving up 505 yards per game. And it's on national tv. Nappy time for everyone.

Arkansas v. Alabama--Another good SEC matchup as Arkansas brings the number one rushing offense in the country and Darren McFadden into Tuscaloosa to face a defense giving up 66.5 yards per game on the ground. Alabama is led by Terry Grant on the ground with 307 yards in wins over Vanderbilt and Western Carolina. At qb the Crimson Tide have JP Wilson who looks and throws similar to Brodie Croyle which isn't necessarily a compliment. Arkansas, on the other hand, has thrown for 157 yards ON THE SEASON in their Land Before Time offense with only 108 coming from the starting quarterback.

USC v. Nebraska--last year Nebraska went into a complete stallball strategy as they lost 28-10 in a game that was in no way competitive. The Huskers have beaten Nevada and WF so far this year behind a rejuvenated running game averaging 264 yards per contest. Marlon Lucky is averaging 161 yards on the ground per game. USC had a week off before this game to prepare a defense that allowed 250 yards to Idaho with 98 coming on the ground. On offense the Trojans have a stable of 5-star running backs to compliment John David Booty. Hopefully this year Nebraska plays to win instead of not get blown out.

BC v. GT--One of those fierce ACC rivalries. BC has beaten Wake Forest and NC State and apparently will never play out of conference again. Matt Ryan has thrown for 550 yards and 6 touchdowns. Georgia Tech, number 8 in total defense, will blitz early and often as they showed in beating Notre Dame and Samford which is a school and not Redd Foxx and friends. Tashard Choice already has 306 rushing yards heading into this game. BC is number 4 in the nation against the run. This game will probably come down to turnovers and whomever scores the most points.

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