Friday, September 7, 2007

Weekend Watching

There are some games played by teams outside of Morgantown and and even outside of the Big East. The following is a preview of some of those games so that you can impress your friends or if that isn't an option you can impress your collection of stuffed animals and posters while watching football this weekend.

VT v. LSU--Both teams will lean heavily on their defense and special teams. ABC will lean heavily on sideline reporters telling stories that have nothing to do with the game in an attempt to make both of these football teams somehow related to a school shooting and a hurricane. Fun fact for this game to cheer everyone up after the 4,000th report on death during the Tragedy Bowl, if you hit Frank Beamer's neck with a broom candy comes out. LSU had 6 interceptions in game one while VT was only able to get 33 yards on 31 carries forcing Sean Glennon to throw 33 times. If Glennon throws over 25 times in this game VT has no chance.

Boise State v. Washington--Boise State ran by Weber State 56-7 in week 1. Ian Johnson and Jeremy Avery both had over 100 yards rushing for the Broncos while Taylor Tharp added 184 yards in the air. Washington pummeled Syracuse 42-12 behind 302 rushing yards. The Huskies rely on first year starter Jake Locker for both rushing (83 yards) and passing (142 yards). Fun fact for this game. While reporters have focused on the death threats received by Ian Johnson for his wedding to a Boise State cheerleader, no one mentions that he MARRIED A HOT CHEERLEADER. How many people would take a nasty letter or two if someone would let them hit that, show of hands people.

Nebraska v. Wake Forest--The 'Huskers dispatched the Pistol offense of Nevada last week with 233 yards rushing from Marlon Lucky. WF lost to BC to start the season and gave up 462 yards but only 54 on the ground. Fun fact for this game. Bill Callahan hates you.

ND v. Penn State--This game will be on tv because of the mandate that ND be on tv every week. Florida International took a 59-0 beating from Penn State last week in a game in which Penn State had 549 yards of offense including 313 passing yards. ND lost to GT 33-3 and had -8 yards rushing for the game. Jimmy Clausen did pass for 34 yards so he is the new starter. Fun fact. Charlie Wise is fat and Joe Paterno is old. It's a ready made sitcom.

Miami v. Oklahoma--Oklahoma beat North Texas 79-10 showing the compassion that has made Bob Stoops famous. The Sooners racked up 674 yards of total offense. Miami held Marshall to three points and 234 yards of offense. Miami was only able to pass for 81 yards and must be more effective in the air to stay up with the Visor II in Norman. Fun fact for this game. Boomer Sooner is the fight song for OU. The song ending chant was stolen from UNC's fight song. Oklahoma was only able to come up with three words of their own. Bill Callahan was right.

TCU v. Texas--The other matchup of two top 25 teams that is getting no publicity because Texas had a shooting like 40 years ago and TCU wasn't effected by Katrina. Texas struggled to a 21-13 win over Arkansas State in week 1. Texas was held to under 350 yards of total offense and gave up close to 400 yards. TCU beat Baylor 27-0 and held the Bears to under 300 yards of total offense. The Horned Frogs were led by 205 passing yards from QB Andy Dalton. This game could be another defensive struggle, but without all the crying of LSU-VT. Fun fact for this game. Mack Brown is actually white.

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