Monday, September 17, 2007

You stay classy, Maryland.

So full of pride those Terp fans are. Affluent. Sophisticated. Tailgating with wine and cheese. Proud of blindsiding a helpless WVU fan.

No, the big moment came when junior American studies major Thomas Agbonyitor took down a West Virginia fan walking through Lot U4, delighting Terps fans tailgating in the area.

Agbonyitor wasn't the only one getting in on the act. Andrew Lynch, an 2007 alumnus, was only too happy to return to the campus for a chance to torment Mountaineers fans."We've been throwing shit at them, sausages and stuff," Lynch said. "We like to f--- with them."
Well, its been a few days since I practiced any criminal law, but I'm pretty sure that's assault. I sure am glad that an "unofficial student newspaper" is on the case and helping local authorities and law firms track down wayward ruffians.

I call bullshit on this story though. Mainly because it would be rediculously irresponsible to publish names of people committing criminal acts, but also because the parking lots weren't anything like that. Sure, there was some trash talking. But from what we observed, there was a lot of inter-school mixing going on. Everyone was pretty much hanging out together having a good time. Hell, we even had a Maryland fan give us a few beers.

Oh, I also wanted to add that those same Maryland fans truly represented their passion for football by getting drown out by the "Let's go"..."Mountaineers!" chant throughout the second half.

Alas, I guess when the following is what you use to fire up a crowd, anything is possible:

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